Excel Examples

Cell and Sheet Management:

  • Insert a Tab in Cell – Learn how to achieve a tabbed appearance in Excel for improved data presentation. Explore four effective workarounds, including manual insertion of spaces, CONCATENATE, CHAR, and REPT functions, invisible tab characters, and the Increase Indent button.
  • Insert a Tick – Insert a tick symbol in Excel easily with this simple method and assign it to a keyboard shortcut for quick access.
  • Lock Cells – Lock cells in Excel to prevent unauthorized changes to your worksheet. Easily protect your data with passwords and restrictions.
  • Print Columns – Print Excel Columns with this detailed guide showing you two methods to print specific columns in Excel.

Chart Creation and Customization:

  • Create an Ogive Chart – Create an Ogive chart in Excel to analyze data distribution and identify trends and patterns.
  • Create an S Curve Graph – Create an S Curve Graph in Excel to visually present project progress or timelines.
  • Create Chart with the If Statement – Visualize Excel data with charts using the IF statement to create dynamic rewards for student grades. Master Excel functions for data visualization.
  • Creating a Time Series Chart – Visualize numeric data with a time series chart in Excel using two different methods. Customize your chart to effectively display data points at successive intervals.
  • Custom Data Labels in Chart – Enhance your Excel charts with custom data labels to display important information effectively. Add value to your charts without cluttering them with this simple guide.
  • Create Standard Deviation Chart – Easily create a standard deviation chart in Excel. Visualize the spread of your dataset with a bell curve graph.
  • Group Data in Chart – Effective ways to group data in Excel charts to enhance data visualization and analysis. Learn how to create grouped charts by month, quarter, and branches for a clearer representation of your data.
  • Group Charts Together – Learn how to group Excel charts together with this helpful guide. Discover how to easily manipulate and format multiple charts simultaneously in Excel.
  • Group Rows and Columns – Improve data readability by grouping rows and columns in Excel. Learn how to collapse and expand data for better visualization.
  • Change Horizontal Axis Values – Easily change the horizontal axis values in Excel charts to modify data labels such as dates or month indexes. Excel guide by an expert in data analysis and financial modeling.
  • Change Primary Axis – Customize and change the primary axes in Excel for better data display and analysis. Learn how to make adjustments to the category or x-axis and the value or y-axis in your Excel charts.
  • Change the Axis Range in Charts – Improve your Excel charts by changing the axis range with these easy steps. Make your data visualization more effective.
  • Change the Axis Scale in Charts – Modify the axis scale of an Excel chart to suit your specific needs and improve representation of your data.
  • Add Percentage Axis to Chart – Learn to easily add percentage axis to your Excel chart with this step-by-step guide. Visualize your data with percentages on the main or secondary axis.
  • Add Percentages to Bar Chart – Learn how to enhance your Excel bar chart by adding percentages to visually represent your data. Excel is not just for calculations – it’s a powerful tool for data presentation.
  • Change Legend in Chart – Easily change the legend in your Excel chart without altering your worksheet data using simple methods outlined in this article.
  • Make X-Axis Linear – Easily make your X-axis linear in Excel for a clear chart presentation. No need for complex formulas or tutorials!
  • Plot y=mx+c – Plotting y=mx+c in Excel – Easily create a linear representation of data with this simple equation in Excel.
  • Switch Axes – Learn how to easily switch axes in Excel for more efficient data visualization. Improve the way you present your data with this simple guide.
  • Switch X and Y Axis – Easily switch X and Y axes in Excel using scatter chart. Avoid confusion in line charts with this simple guide.
  • Make a Logarithmic Graph (semi-log and log-log) – Learn how to create logarithmic graphs in Excel with both semi-log and log-log scales in this detailed guide. Understand when to use logarithmic graphs and follow the step-by-step instructions to achieve accurate results.
  • Merge Two Charts – Combine two charts in Excel to easily analyze data from multiple aspects at once. Learn two different methods for merging charts in Excel in this informative post.
  • Start Axis at 0 in Chart – Improve your Excel chart by starting the axis at 0. Explore helpful tips and examples for enhancing your data visualization.
  • Two Sets of Data in Chart – Creating a chart in Excel with two different sets of data for better visualization and analysis.
  • Add a Line to a Stacked Chart – Learn how to add a line to an Excel Stacked Chart for better data visualization in Excel. Master this simple trick to enhance your charts.
  • Add Data Points to a Chart – Enhance Excel Charts by Adding Data Points Without a Tutorial
  • Add Data to an Existing Chart – Learn how to easily incorporate new data into an existing chart in Excel without starting from scratch. Add data series to embedded charts or separate chart sheets using various methods explained in this guide.
  • Add Horizontal and Vertical Lines to Chart – Improve data readability by adding horizontal and vertical lines to Excel cells using different methods explained in this post.
  • Add Target Line to Chart – Easily add a target line to your Excel chart for better data visualization and analysis. Improve your presentations with this simple Excel tip.
  • Add Vertical Line to Chart – Learn how to add a vertical line to your Excel chart. Improve your data visualization skills today.

Conditional Formatting:

Data Linking and Integration:

  • Link One Sheet to Another – Discover how to link one Excel sheet to another easily, without the need to copy and paste values manually.
  • Open CSV Files Safely – Open CSV Files Safely with Excel – Avoid data format errors and open CSV files securely in Excel.
  • Open Large CSV – Learn how to open large CSV files in Excel without hitting the row limit. Connect to the CSV file and load data to the Data Model for easy access to millions of rows.
  • Open the DAT File – Open a DAT file in Excel using two different methods in this comprehensive guide. Explore how to import data from text files and utilize the Excel Text Import Wizard.

Data Management and Formatting:

  • Lock Data Validation – Lock down your Excel data validation rules with these two methods provided in this guide. Prevent users from altering or deleting your carefully applied validation rules in Excel.
  • Merge and Center Data – Merge and Center Data in Excel for better visual representation of your data. Use Excel’s built-in functions to merge cells and center the text for a more organized spreadsheet.
  • Merge Cells in Table – Learn how to merge cells in a table in Excel without downloading any files.
  • Make a 2 Column List – Create a simple 2-column list in Excel with this easy guide. Learn how to quickly organize your data in rows and columns using simple steps.
  • One Value Based on Another Cell – Improve cell display based on another cell in Excel with conditional formatting.
  • Opposite of Concatenate – Discover the opposite technique of Concatenate in Excel with easy steps and functions.

Data Manipulation and Analysis:

  • Exporting Excel Date Format to CSV – Learn how to export Excel date formats to CSV with this helpful guide. Find out how to preserve dates when converting Excel files to CSV format.
  • Extend a Trendline – Extend a trendline in Excel with this useful technique for manipulating Excel charts.
  • Extract Unique Values From Multiple Columns – Extract unique values from multiple columns in Excel using Pivot Tables, Remove Duplicates, and VBA code.
  • Filter Rows Instead of Columns – How to Filter Rows Instead of Columns in Excel – Find out how to sort your data by rows instead of columns in Excel with this helpful guide.
  • Filter Shortcut – Learn how to efficiently use keyboard shortcuts to manipulate filters in Excel without the need for tutorials.
  • Find Data Table – Discover how to locate and utilize Data Tables in Excel for effective data analysis and modeling. Explore various scenarios to determine profitability using this useful Excel feature.
  • Find Last Cell with Value in a Row – Learn how to find the last cell with a value in a row in Excel using easy methods like keyboard shortcuts, functions, and VBA. Save time with these efficient techniques.
  • Find Missing Number in Sequence – Easily find missing numbers in a sequence in Excel using two efficient methods without any hassle.
  • Find Special Characters – Discover methods to identify special characters in Excel data, including using a User Defined Function and Excel VBA Subroutine.
  • Find the Smallest and Largest Value in the Range – Discover how to find the smallest and largest values in a range using Excel. Explore different methods like Filter, Conditional Formatting, Functions, and VBA code.
  • Finding and Removing Duplicates – Discover different methods for finding and removing duplicates in Excel with this informative guide. Includes tips on highlighting duplicates, using functions like DGET, and removing duplicates from ranges and tables.
  • Find the Equation of a Trendline – Learn how to find the equation of a trendline in Excel with XY scatter charts and display it on your chart for accurate data analysis.
  • Diameter Formula – Learn how to calculate the diameter of circles and spheres in Excel using different methods and formulas. Explore formulas for known radius, circumference, area, and volume to find the diameter accurately.
  • Calculate Production Per Hour – Calculate production per hour in Excel using simple formulas and examples. Understand how to convert time values to decimal for accurate calculations.
  • Data Analysis with Linear Regression – Excel Data Analysis with Linear Regression in Excel – Learn how to conduct linear regression analysis using Excel’s built-in tool. Understand the relationship between variables and interpret the results easily.

Data Manipulation and Presentation:

  • Create Dynamic Text Boxes – Learn how to create dynamic text boxes in Excel that automatically update based on linked cells.
  • CSV with Header – How to import CSV files with headers into Excel using different methods like Power Query, Text to Columns, and Excel VBA. Explore these methods for data analysis and modification.
  • Date Format With Line Break – Easily format dates with line breaks in Excel using a simple trick. Improve readability of your dates in just a few steps.
  • Date Ranges – Perform operations on date ranges in Excel, converting dates to text, creating lists of sequential dates, counting values in a range, highlighting dates, and getting the first and last date in a range.
  • Decimal Places – Learn how to easily add decimal places in Excel with these tips and tricks. Improve your data analysis and financial modeling skills.
  • Delete Rows With Specific Text – Learn how to delete rows in Excel that contain specific text with this helpful guide.

Cell Addressing and Navigation:

  • Last Cell Address – Discover 5 methods to find the last cell address in Excel using functions and VBA, without the hassle of manual scrolling.
  • Move Sheet Shortcut – Master Excel shortcuts to move and navigate sheets efficiently. No need to rely on manual clicking with these keyboard shortcuts.
  • Move X-Axis to the Bottom of a Graph – Move the X-Axis to the Bottom of a Graph in Excel – Two Methods Explained. Improve your graph visualization by adjusting the X-axis position in Excel using simple steps.

Cell and String Manipulation:

  • Remove an Apostrophe – Remove apostrophes in Excel and convert text values to numbers easily.
  • Remove Blank Cells – Easily remove blank cells in Excel using simple steps and shortcuts. Improve the organization of your data with this helpful tip.
  • Remove Blue Row Numbers – Remove blue row numbers in Excel with a simple solution provided in this helpful content.
  • Remove Brackets and Parentheses – Easily Remove Brackets and Parentheses in Excel without Hassle. Use Substitute, Find & Replace, or VBA Methods for a Clean Text Output.
  • Remove Character from String – Remove characters from strings in Excel using these simple methods: Find and Replace, or using the SUBSTITUTE function.
  • Remove Date Formatting – Remove date formatting in Excel by following these simple steps. Learn how to change date formats to general formatting with just a few clicks.
  • Remove Excess Tab Symbols – Easily Remove Excess Tab Symbols from Excel Spreadsheet with 4 Methods – CLEAN, SUBSTITUTE, VBA, and Excel Add-in.

Cell Content Insertion:

  • Insert a Checkbox in a Cell – Insert a checkbox in a cell using Excel with this helpful guide. Improve your spreadsheet organization and functionality.
  • Insert a Picture Into a Cell – Learn how to properly insert a picture into an Excel cell to ensure they hide together with the cell.
  • Insert a Tab Character in a Cell – Insert a tab in an Excel cell to organize your data more effectively. Improve the presentation of your information with this simple trick.
  • Insert a Table within a Cell – Learn how to insert a table within a cell in Excel using hyperlinks, screenshots, and linked images. Discover workarounds to manage Excel tables effectively within your worksheets.
  • Insert Logo – Add visual appeal to your Excel worksheet by inserting a logo or picture with these simple steps.

Chart Customization:

Conditional Formatting:

Data Analysis and Presentation:

  • Get the Size of the Range – Determine the size of a range in Excel using formulas and VBA. Understand the importance of inspecting the height and width of your data for better analysis.
  • Graph Mean and Standard Deviation – Learn how to graph mean and standard deviation in Excel using simple formulas and scatter charts. Understand the dispersion of data relative to its mean visually.
  • How Many Rows and Columns – Discover the number of rows and columns in Excel, including formulas, shortcuts, and more.
  • How Many Times a Value Appears in a Cell or Column – Discover how to count the appearance of a specific value in an Excel cell or column using simple formulas and tools.

Data Comparison and Conversion:

  • Compare Two Columns – Easily compare columns in Excel using different methods without the need for complex tutorials.
  • Convert Columns to Text – Merge text from multiple columns into one cell in Excel using different methods like Ampersand, CONCAT function, and VBA.
  • Convert Excel Data to Word Table – Easily convert Excel data to a Word table without losing formatting. Learn different methods to paste Excel tables into Word documents.
  • Convert Hexadecimal Values to ASCII – Easily convert hexadecimal values to ASCII in Excel using two simple methods. Learn how to automate this process with step-by-step instructions.
  • Convert Julian Date to Calendar Date – Convert Julian date to standard Calendar date in Excel using three different methods. Understand the importance of Julian dates in various industries and how to convert them for easy use in Excel.
  • Convert Long Numbers to Text – Easily convert long numbers to text in Excel using two different methods without losing any data integrity.
  • Convert Monthly Data to Quarterly Data – Learn how to convert monthly data to quarterly data in Excel using grouping, VLOOKUP, and formulas.
  • Convert Notepad Data to Excel – Easily convert data from Notepad to Excel with these simple steps.
  • Convert Excel file (XLSX) to CSV in PowerShell – Convert Excel files to CSV in PowerShell easily with these steps. Learn how to save your Excel file and run the provided code to create a new CSV file.

Data Formatting and Manipulation:

  • Highlight Negative Numbers – Highlight and mark negative numbers in Excel using different methods such as conditional formatting, filtering, formulas, and formatting.
  • Make Text Vertical – Learn how to make text vertical in Excel using simple steps and tools available in the program. Manipulate your data and create professional reports easily.
  • Multiply Numbers with Percentages – Learn how to multiply numbers with percentages in Excel with this easy-to-follow guide. Increase your efficiency in calculations and reporting using Excel formulas and functions.
  • Merge and Split Cells – Master the art of merging and splitting cells in Excel with these easy steps. Improve your data presentation and organization effortlessly.

Data Generation and Manipulation:

  • Random Number Generator – Generate pseudo-random numbers in Excel using different methods, including the RAND() and RANDBETWEEN() functions, and learn how to create real random numbers with VBA code. Explore various distribution types with Excel’s Random Number Generator tool.
  • Random Question Generator – Generate random questions in Excel using formulas to create a dynamic learning experience.
  • Remove a Table – Easily remove tables in Excel without losing data or formatting with these simple tips. No need to worry about losing your work when cleaning up your spreadsheets.

Data Import and Manipulation:

  • Paste Table into Excel – Copy and paste tables from Word to Excel seamlessly with these methods. Improve data organization and save time when transferring data.
  • Paste With Hidden Rows or Columns – Copy and paste in Excel while hiding rows and columns for a more organized data presentation.
  • Power Query Merge Table Columns – Merge multiple columns into one in Excel using Power Query. Learn how to do it step by step in this post.

Data Manipulation:

  • Add and Remove Pivot Table Formatting – Format and design your Pivot Tables in Excel with ease – learn how to add or remove formatting to make your data stand out.
  • Add and Subtract Percentage – Master adding and subtracting percentages in Excel with this easy lesson. Learn how to perform these calculations and format your results correctly.
  • Add and Update Data in Pivot Table – Easily manage and update your Pivot Table data in Excel with this helpful guide.
  • Add Cells Across Multiple Spreadsheets – Learn how to add cells across multiple spreadsheets in Excel for easy data manipulation and calculation. Improve your Excel skills with our helpful examples and tips.
  • Add, Increase, or Remove Indent – Easily adjust, modify, or eliminate indents in Excel spreadsheets. Improve readability and organization in your data with these simple techniques.
  • Average Formula Shortcut – Master the Average Formula Shortcut in Excel using these tips and tricks. Speed up your calculations with easy keyboard shortcuts and Auto Sum features.
  • Average Only Visible Cells – Calculate average of only visible cells in Excel using AVERAGE, SUBTOTAL, or AGGREGATE functions. Explore different options for achieving this calculation.
  • Remove Comma – Learn how to easily remove commas in Excel using different methods like formatting, find and replace, formulas, and text to columns. Improve your data management skills today!
  • Remove Dropdown List – Learn how to easily remove dropdown lists in Excel cells and customize your data input options without any limitations. Master the art of managing your data efficiently with this simple guide.
  • Remove Time from Date and Time – Remove time from date and time in Excel using various methods such as Format, INT function, DATEVALUE, Text to Columns, and Find and Replace.
  • Replace Wildcard Characters – Learn how to replace wildcard characters in Excel to customize your data easily.
  • Split a Cell at Number – Easily split text and numbers in Excel cells using simple formulas.
  • Swap Columns, Rows and Cells – Easily swap columns, rows, and cells in Excel with these simple methods. Boost your productivity with these handy Excel tricks.
  • Switch Columns to Rows – Learn how to efficiently switch columns to rows in Excel using the TRANSPOSE feature. Find out how to easily transpose your data without the need for manual input.
  • Transpose Data – Transpose your data in Excel quickly and efficiently with these methods. Switch columns with rows easily and preserve formatting with these Excel tips.
  • Increment Row Number – Increase row numbers in Excel using various methods without manual input. Learn how to use formulas, functions, and shortcuts to automate the process.
  • Insert Row Shortcut – Discover the keyboard shortcut to quickly insert rows in Excel without using multiple steps. Master the Ctrl + Shift + + combination for efficient row insertion.
  • Keep Leading Zeroes in CSV – Learn how to keep leading zeroes in Excel CSV files with these useful methods.
  • Remove Negative Sign – Learn how to remove negative signs from numbers in Excel using different methods. Find out how to use ABS function, Replace feature, and VBA macro to easily get rid of minus signs in your spreadsheet.
  • Remove Numbers From Text – Easily remove numbers from text in Excel with these effective methods, including using Excel’s Flash Fill, formulas, Power Query, and a User-Defined Function.
  • Remove Values – Learn how to remove values in Excel quickly and efficiently using special features and VBA macros.
  • Return a Blank Cell – Learn how to return a blank cell in Excel without using conditional functions or VBA code. Customize your settings to display a blank cell instead of zero.
  • Return Row Number of Active Cell – Discover how to easily find the row number of an active cell in Excel using VBA. Perfect for data analysis and financial modeling.
  • Split Address in a Cell to Multiple Cells – Improve data organization by splitting address information in Excel cells. Understand how to extract specific details from a single cell for better data management.
  • Text to Rows – Learn how to convert text to rows in Excel using a simple trick. Master the Text to Columns Wizard and take your data manipulation skills to the next level.
  • Transpose a CSV File – Learn how to easily transpose a CSV file in Excel to transfer data from text or CSV files into an Excel spreadsheet. Improve your data management skills with this step-by-step guide.

Data Manipulation and Filtering:

  • Extract Unique Values From Column – Learn how to extract unique values from a column in Excel effortlessly using different methods such as Pivot Table and Remove Duplicates.
  • Filter a Table – Learn how to efficiently filter a table in Excel using a variety of options for text, numbers, dates, and colors.
  • Filter Multiple Values in Table – Filter multiple values in Excel table using simple filter, advanced filter, and formula method. Learn how to select specific data based on multiple criteria efficiently.
  • Filter Multiple Values in Pivot Table – Filter multiple values in Pivot Table in Excel using Pivot Table Fields, Label Filters, and Slicers for effective data analysis.
  • Fix Numbers Stored as Text – Resolve issues with numbers stored as text in Excel using simple methods to convert data to numerical values. Fix formatting errors and ensure accurate calculations in Excel spreadsheets.

Data Manipulation and Formatting:

  • Add Percentage Markup – Learn how to calculate percentage markup in Excel using simple formulas and examples. Master Excel functions and shortcuts for quick calculations.
  • Add Row Number to a Table – How to add row numbers to an Excel table using different methods like Fill and Formulas.
  • Apply Conditional Formatting on Multiple Texts – Highlight multiple texts in Excel with conditional formatting.
  • Change Cell Color Based on the Percentage – Change cell color based on percentage in Excel using conditional formatting rules. Format cells based on specific percentages and create visual cues for data analysis.
  • Combine Cells – Combine cells in Excel using simple formulas like the ampersand (&) or the CONCAT function, and learn how to combine text with numbers or dates. Explore different separators and even create a VBA function for advanced concatenation.
  • Copy and Paste Columns – Simple guide on how to copy and paste columns in Excel easily and efficiently.
  • Count Rows in Table – Discover how to easily count the rows in an Excel table using formulas and VBA code.

Data Transformation:

  • Convert Rows to Columns – Convert Rows to Columns in Excel: Learn how to rearrange data seamlessly using Excel’s “Transpose” feature. Explore different methods, including using the TRANSPOSE function and creating a macro for quick transposing.
  • Convert Table to a Range – Convert tables to ranges in Excel without losing the formatting you like. Easy steps to follow for Excel users.
  • Convert Text or Number to Date – Easily convert text or numbers to dates in Excel with these helpful techniques. Discover different methods to ensure accurate date formatting.
  • Convert XLSX File to CSV – Easily convert an XLSX file to CSV in Excel without any hassle. Learn how to save your data in a user-friendly format.
  • Copy / Paste Data Horizontally or Vertically – Efficiently Copy and Paste Data in Excel Horizontally or Vertically – Improve your Excel skills with this guide on copying and pasting data in different directions in Excel.
  • Copy Data From One Sheet to Another – Move or copy data between sheets in Excel with ease. Learn how to duplicate or link cells within the same workbook or between different workbooks effortlessly.
  • Copy File Names From a Folder – Easily copy and paste file names from a folder into Excel using different methods without the need for complicated tutorials.
  • Copy Formula Down – Learn how to quickly copy formulas down in Excel using AutoFill, double-clicking, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Count Data By Group – Analysis on how to count data by group in Excel using a PivotTable for efficient grouping and counting of information.
  • Count Merged Cells – Count Merged Cells in Excel using VBA for accurate results. Learn how to count merged areas in Excel without using standard formulas.
  • Count Occurrence of a Word in a Range – Learn how to count the occurrence of a word in a range in Excel with simple formulas and functions. Excel has many options to help with counting tasks.

Controls and Navigation:

  • Get the Value of a Combobox – Learn how to extract the selected value from a combo box in Excel and access all values in the input range with this tutorial.
  • Go To Linked Cells in Excel Formula – Discover how to navigate to linked cells in an Excel formula using two different methods.
  • Headers and Footers – Explore how to add, customize, and remove headers and footers in Excel to make your documents more professional and organized.
  • Add Dash – Learn how to easily add a dash in Excel using symbols or formulas. Improve your Excel skills with this helpful guide.

Features and Functions:

  • Drop Down List – Easily create and manage drop-down lists in Excel with this comprehensive guide. Improve data organization and user experience with dynamic drop-down selections.
  • E in Excel – Understanding scientific notation in Excel for more concise numerical display. Learn how Excel uses E to represent numbers in shorter form.
  • Use Name Manager – Learn how to manage names in Excel with the Name Manager feature. Easily create, edit, and delete named ranges to simplify your formulas and calculations.
  • How to Zoom – Easy ways to zoom in Excel, including keyboard shortcuts and mouse scroll wheel. Improve your Excel viewing experience.
  • The Data Tab on Ribbon – Enhance your Excel skills with the Data Tab on Ribbon – import, transform, sort, split data, and more.
  • The Dollar Sign – Unlock the power of the dollar sign in Excel to lock cell references and save time while working with formulas. Explore different ways to use this feature and improve your data analysis skills.
  • The Find is Not Working – Having trouble with the Find function in Excel? This article explores common reasons why it may not be working as expected.
  • Too Many Different Cell Formats – Resolve the “Too Many Different Cell Formats” error in Excel.
  • Unshare an Excel File – Easily unshare Excel files in a few simple steps with this step-by-step guide. No need to worry about unauthorized access to your documents.

Functions and Operators:

  • Logical Operators: Equal To, Not Equal To, Greater Than, Less Than – Master Excel’s logical operators for comparisons such as equal to, not equal to, greater than, and less than without the need for downloads.
  • Percentage of a Total – Learn how to calculate the percentage of a total in Excel using simple formulas and examples.
  • PowerShell – Interact with Excel files using the PowerShell Excel module without installing Excel on your machine.
  • R-squared Analyzing Linear Regression – Learn how to analyze linear regression and R-squared values in Excel for better data interpretation and modeling. Understand the limitations and applications of R-squared analysis in statistical modeling.

Functions and Techniques:

  • Combine If Functions with Conditional Formatting – Learn how to use If functions in Excel with conditional formatting to highlight specific data in your spreadsheet. Efficiently format your data based on certain conditions without the need for manual formatting.
  • Combine Multiple Worksheets into One – Combine data from multiple Excel worksheets into one easily with Excel. Learn how to consolidate data using functions, VLOOKUP, and VBA.
  • Compare Excel Files – Learn how to compare Excel files side by side and highlight differences in cells with this detailed guide. Discover different methods to enhance your data analysis skills.
  • Copy a VLOOKUP Formula Down a Column – Learn how to easily copy a VLOOKUP formula down a column in Excel to streamline your data analysis and financial modeling.
  • Create a Custom Menu – Create a custom menu in Excel to save time and effort when working with spreadsheets. Learn how to customize tabs, groups, and commands in Excel for a more efficient workflow.
  • Create a Mirrored Image – Learn how to create a mirrored image in Excel using simple functions and formulas. Flip your dataset or pictures horizontally or vertically with these easy steps.
  • Create a Percentile Graph – Create a percentile graph in Excel to visualize data rankings based on percentiles. Formulas and examples are provided to help you create the graph.
  • Create a Polynomial Trendline – Learn how to create a polynomial trendline in Excel for presenting fluctuating data with various bends.
  • Create a Scrolling Chart – Create a scrolling chart. Excel cuts off data points in large datasets, but a scrolling chart allows you to view all the data.
  • Make Multiple Copies of a Sheet – Learn how to easily make multiple copies of a sheet in Excel with and without VBA.
  • Milliseconds in Excel – Learn about displaying milliseconds in Excel with this informative content. Explore formulas and examples to help you customize time formats in your spreadsheets.
  • Open Format Cell Dialogue Box – Format cells in Excel easily using the Format Cells dialogue box with the help of this guide. Find out 11 different methods to open the dialogue box.

Interface and Navigation:

  • Dialog Box Launcher – Improve your Excel skills with insights on Formulas, Examples, VBA, Functions, and Shortcuts using Dialog Box Launcher.
  • Fix “Insert Table” is Grayed Out – Learn how to fix the Insert Table option being grayed out in Excel with these simple techniques. Remove protection, exit editing mode, deselect multiple worksheets, and move the cell selector outside the table to resolve the issue.
  • Freeze or Fix Column or Row Headings – Learn how to Freeze or Fix Column or Row Headings in Excel. Fix the headers to stay at the top while scrolling through your spreadsheet for better organization.
  • Freeze Rows or Columns – Effortlessly freeze rows or columns in Excel for easy data comparison and visibility.
  • Freeze Two Rows – Easily freeze two rows in Excel to keep important headers visible while scrolling through your data set. Find out how to do it manually and with VBA code.
  • Switch From Sheet to Sheet – Quickly switch between sheets in Excel using keyboard shortcuts, arrows, and more.
  • Turn on/off the Quick Analysis Feature – Enhance your Excel skills with tips on how to control the Quick Analysis feature.

Reference Styles and Techniques:

  • Use R1C1 Reference Style – Learn how to use R1C1 Reference Style in Excel and switch between cell references easily. Master different types of R1C1 references with examples and discover how to incorporate R1C1 referencing in VBA for efficient data analysis and financial modeling.
  • Using a Dynamic Range With VLOOKUP – Learn how to use a dynamic range with VLOOKUP in Excel to automatically update data without manual adjustments. Use Excel tables to easily manage and organize your information.
  • Using Brackets – Learn about the different types of brackets used in Excel and how to use them effectively in formulas, functions, and more. Master the use of round brackets ( ), square brackets [ ], and curly brackets { } in Excel.
  • Using Special Characters in Named Ranges – Use special characters in named ranges in Excel to make your formulas more concise and efficient. Understand the limitations and best practices for naming ranges with special characters.

File Management:

  • Set the Default Delimiter for the CSV Files – Set the default delimiter for CSV files in Excel with this simple guide. Avoid upload issues and organize your data efficiently.
  • 11+ Ways to Reduce Excel File Size – Learn how to reduce Excel file size with these 11+ effective strategies. Save disk space, reduce loading time, and optimize your Excel files for better performance.
  • XLS and XLSX – Differences between XLS and XLSX Excel formats explained in detail, including storage, limits, security, and performance aspects.
  • Yellow Box – Understand the yellow box that appears in Excel when selecting cells with data validation enforced. Learn how to create, edit, and remove data validation input messages in Excel.
  • Zoom in on Chart – Increase the magnification of Excel charts with different methods such as the Zoom Slider, View Tab, and Excel VBA. Improve the visibility of your data with these zoom-in techniques.
  • Excel File Locked by Another User – Resolve the issue of Excel files being locked by another user with these simple solutions. Find out how to disconnect users, close instances of Excel, and edit the file simultaneously.
  • Excel File Size Unexpectedly Large – Find out why your Excel file size may be unexpectedly large and how to reduce it. Learn about hidden worksheets, formulas, formatting, embedded objects, and more.
  • Formula Omits Adjacent Cells Error – Fix Excel formula errors that omit adjacent cells with this helpful guide. Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve this common issue in Excel.
  • Icon Exclamation Mark – Discover how to remove the exclamation mark from Excel icons and understand file extensions in Windows File Explorer.

Filtering and Sorting:

  • Number Filtered Cells – Learn how to number filtered cells in Excel using the SUBTOTAL formula. Improve your data analysis skills with this helpful trick.
  • Format Cell Based on a Different Cell – Explore how to format cells in Excel based on different cell values. Learn how to use conditional formatting to highlight specific data based on set criteria within the same sheet or even across different sheets.
  • Format Cells Based on the Condition or Content – Format cells in Excel based on specific conditions or content with Conditional Formatting. Learn how to highlight values or text depending on your criteria, from loan approvals to text content.
  • Format Numbers in Thousands and Millions – Learn how to format numbers in thousands and millions in Excel for better readability without compromising precision. Explore various methods to add thousands separator or metric prefixes to your numbers.
  • Format Numbers to Thousands and Millions – Format big numbers into more readable formats of thousands and millions in Excel. Easy steps to make your data clearer and easier to grasp.
  • Formula to Copy Cell Value to Another Cell – Copy cell values in Excel easily using the provided formula. No need to manually type out values, just reference the cell you want to copy.
  • How to Round Percentages – Learn to round percentages in Excel with simple formulas like ROUNDDOWN and ROUNDUP to get accurate results for your data analysis needs.
  • Parentheses for Negative Percent Results – Display negative percentages in Excel with parentheses for easy visibility. Learn how to customize number formats to make negative percentages stand out in your dataset.
  • Pivot Table Format Date – Quick solutions for formatting date fields in Excel pivot tables, including grouping cells in source data and PivotTable.
  • Pivot Table Row Labels Side by Side – Learn how to display pivot table row labels side by side in Excel. Improve your data analysis skills and make your pivot tables more organized.

Formatting and Presentation:

  • Add an Apostrophe – Easily add an apostrophe in Excel using simple methods and formulas.
  • Add and Display a Tooltip – Improve your Excel skills by learning how to add and display tooltips in your spreadsheets for better user guidance.
  • Add Developer Tab – Easily add the Developer tab in Excel to access advanced tools and features.
  • Add Dollar Sign – Learn how to easily add the dollar sign to numbers in Excel using different methods such as typing the symbol directly or using the format painter.
  • Add Paragraph – Add a paragraph in Excel using these simple techniques without the need for extensive tutorials.
  • Align Dollar Sign to the Left – Get your Excel dataset looking neat by aligning the dollar sign to the left using these two methods.
  • Align Header and Footer – Learn how to align the header and footer in Excel with this step-by-step guide. Easily customize and position your header and footer for a polished spreadsheet look.
  • Alphabetize – Sort cells in Excel alphabetically using normal and custom sorting methods. Learn how to use filters and custom sort to organize your data effectively.
  • Apply or Remove a Table Border – Learn how to enhance your Excel tables by applying or removing borders with these simple techniques. Stand out and make your data more readable with table borders.
  • Bullet Points – Master the art of adding bullet points in Excel with these helpful tips and tricks. Discover different methods and shortcuts for creating organized lists in your spreadsheets.
  • Hide or Unhide Rows or Columns – Learn how to hide or unhide rows or columns in Excel with simple steps and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Highlight a Cell With a Keyboard Shortcut – Discover various methods to highlight a cell in Excel using keyboard shortcuts without downloading any files.
  • Highlight Percentages with Conditional Formatting – Highlight percentages in Excel with conditional formatting.
  • Highlight Rows Based on Drop Down List – Learn how to visually organize and analyze data in Excel by highlighting rows based on drop-down list selections. Easily identify and compare specific criteria within your dataset using conditional formatting.
  • Highlight the Current Date – Easily highlight the current date in Excel using Conditional Formatting. Learn how to make today’s date stand out in your spreadsheet with a simple formula.
  • Format a Slicer – Format your Excel Slicers to fit your preferences and style with this easy guide. No need to settle for default settings!
  • Format Date with Shortcut – Format dates in Excel quickly using shortcuts and VBA code without the need for tutorials.
  • Format Percentages – Learn how to properly format percentages in Excel with these useful tips and tricks. Increase or decrease decimal places to get the desired results. Understand how negative percentages can be formatted using custom settings.
  • Format Row Numbers – Quickly format row numbers in Excel to present your data exactly how you want. Explore different formatting options and custom settings to make your spreadsheet stand out.
  • Group Data – Efficiently manage your data in Excel by grouping columns, rows, and creating subtotals. Control what data is visible with easy grouping options.
  • Change Background Color – Easily change background colors in Excel with simple steps and VBA functions.
  • Change Character Separating Thousands or Decimals – Convert European number format to US number format in Excel using 5 different methods. Find out how to change characters separating thousands or decimals easily.
  • Change Commas to Dots and Vice Versa – Easily change commas to dots and vice versa in Excel using these simple methods. Improve your data presentation for an international audience.
  • Change Date Format – Change the date format in Excel using different methods and formulas to display dates the way you want.
  • Change Date Format to dd/mm/yyyy – Change Date Format to dd/mm/yyyy in Excel – Learn how to convert any date format to the popular dd/mm/yyyy format in Excel. Use Format Cells window or Text function to easily change the date format.
  • Change Text to Title Case or Capital Case – Easily Change Text to Title or Capital Case in Excel – Methods explained without downloading any files.
  • Merge and Center Shortcut – Excel Merge and Center Shortcut explained with keyboard shortcuts and Quick Access Toolbar customization.
  • New Line in Cell – Learn how to add a new line in Excel cells using text wrapping and special characters.
  • Double Underline – Enhance your Excel datasets with double underlining for better readability and organization. Learn various methods to double underline in Excel.
  • Edit Axis Labels – Easily edit axis labels in Excel charts to customize your data presentation.
  • Escape Special Characters – Learn how to escape special characters in Excel with 6 different methods.
  • Cell Format Not Changing – Troubleshooting Excel cell format not changing issue with possible solutions for Excel users.
  • Chart Ignore Blank Cells – Create Excel charts that look clean and accurate by learning how to ignore blank cells in your data.
  • Chart with Positive and Negative Numbers – Create Excel chart with positive and negative numbers easily using helper columns and adjustments.
  • Charts are Not Showing – Fix Excel chart visibility issues with these simple steps. Find out why charts may disappear and how to uncover them.
  • Set the Default Font for Hyperlinks – Customize the default font for hyperlinks in Excel using easy steps and save it as a template for future projects.

Page Setup and Printing:

  • Page Break – Improve your Excel skills with Page Breaks and learn how to manage and manipulate printed pages efficiently.
  • Print Area – Improve your printing efficiency with Excel’s Print Area feature – learn how to select and customize the parts of your worksheet to print.
  • Remove Page Breaks – Easily remove manual and automatic page breaks in Excel using these simple steps.
  • Repeat Spreadsheet Column Headings at Top of Page – Easily Repeat Excel Spreadsheet Column Headings at the Top of Each Page with this helpful guide. Improve your data organization and printing experience.
  • Save a Sheet as a CSV file with UTF-8 encoding – Learn how to save an Excel sheet as a CSV file with UTF-8 encoding, ensuring proper formatting and compatibility.
  • Set Columns to Repeat at Left – Repeat columns on the left side of each page in Excel to make it easier for readers to follow row headers on multi-page documents.

Pivot Table Operations:

Printing and Page Setup:

  • Print Excel Sheet on A4 – Learn different ways to prepare your Excel sheet for printing on A4 size paper with these helpful tips.
  • Print on One Page – Learn how to print all your Excel data on one page by adjusting settings and making your font larger.
  • Print Only Visible Data – Print only the visible data in Excel with these simple steps. Learn how to select and print only the data that is visible on your spreadsheet.

Selection and Sorting:

  • Select Multiple Columns – Efficiently Select Columns in Excel Using These Methods
  • Sort a Column in Excel but Keep Rows Intact – Easily sort columns in Excel while keeping rows intact. Learn how to sort data in one column without affecting the rest of the table.
  • Sort Data by Column Headers Instead of Rows – Sort data in Excel by column headers instead of rows to easily organize your information for better analysis.
  • Sort Dates in Pivot Table – Learn how to easily sort dates in a Pivot Table using Excel.
  • Sort Multiple Rows and Columns – Sort multiple rows and columns in Excel with this handy guide. Improve your data organization and analysis skills easily.
  • Sort Pivot Table by Month – Learn how to easily sort Pivot Tables by month in Excel with this step-by-step guide. Improve your data analysis skills and organize your information effectively.
  • Select Data for a Chart – Learn how to easily select data for a chart in Excel with various methods explained in this post.
  • Select Only the Visible Cells – Learn how to efficiently select only the visible cells in Excel without worrying about hidden rows or columns. Follow these simple methods to streamline your data selection process.
  • Select the First Cell in the Range – Select the first cell in a range in Excel using three different methods. Master the ADDRESS function with ROW and COLUMN, or try using CELL and INDEX for a different approach. Alternatively, explore Excel VBA to achieve the same result.

Shortcut Keys:

  • Shortcut Key for Uppercase – Quickly change text to uppercase in Excel using simple methods and shortcuts.
  • Shortcut Keys for Charts – Improve your efficiency in Excel charts with these helpful shortcut keys. Save time and effort by using keyboard shortcuts instead of a mouse.
  • Shortcuts for a Pivot Table – Discover time-saving shortcuts for working with Pivot Tables in Excel.

Slicer Management:

  • Hide a Slicer – Hide a Slicer in Excel using simple techniques explained with examples. Learn how to easily hide a Slicer in Excel without any hassle.
  • Lock a Slicer – Learn how to lock a Slicer in Excel to prevent unwanted movement and resizing. Improve your data filtering skills.
  • Order a Slicer – Customize the order of Excel Slicer with this guide. Learn how to manipulate the order to suit your needs.
  • Remove Blanks from Slicers – Ensure clean data visualization in Excel using Pivot Tables and Slicers by removing unnecessary blanks.

Symbols and Special Characters:

  • Square Symbol – Learn how to easily insert a square symbol in Excel.
  • Standard Deviation Symbol – Easily add the standard deviation symbol to your Excel spreadsheet. Learn two methods for inserting the sigma symbol without any hassle.
  • Typing Diameter Symbol [Ø] in Excel or Word – Inserting the diameter symbol [Ø] in Excel or Word using various methods explained in this article. Learn how to easily add this symbol to your documents.

Text Manipulation:

  • Remove the First Character – Easily remove the first character in Excel using the REPLACE function or VBA code.
  • Replace Special Characters – Replace special characters in Excel using 6 different methods.
  • Text Wrapping – Improve readability in Excel with text wrapping techniques.
  • Wrap Date in Cell – Easily wrap dates in Excel cells using custom number formats and the TEXT function without splitting the date. Improve the visual display of dates in your Excel sheets.
  • Wrap Text in a Pivot Table – Learn how to wrap text in a Pivot Table in Excel with easy-to-follow steps and illustrations. Discover two methods to apply wrap text formatting and maintain it after refreshing the Pivot Table.

Troubleshooting Charts and Functions:

Understanding Symbols and Functions:

  • What Does “–” Mean – Understand the meaning of “-” in Excel with examples and explanations. Explore formulas, functions, and shortcuts in Excel.
  • What Does “><” Mean – Understanding the meaning of “><” in Excel for comparing values and cells. Explore how this notation differs from other comparison formulas.
  • What Is Group Mode – Easily group data in Excel by using Group Mode feature, allowing for a more condensed and organized view of your information.
  • Degree Symbol – Learn different methods to insert the degree symbol in Excel, including using the Symbol button and entering the code from the keyboard.
  • Delta Symbol – Learn how to easily insert the delta symbol in Excel for a more concise presentation of your data. Explore different methods to add this symbol to your spreadsheets.

View and Display Settings:

  • Disable Protected View – Learn how to disable Protected View in Excel and avoid the hassle of constantly being in read-only mode.
  • Display Chart in Millions or Thousands – Easily display data in Excel charts in thousands or millions with this helpful guide. Find out how to make your charts more user-friendly and informative.
  • Display Data Labels Above Data Markers – Improve Excel chart readability by displaying data labels above data markers using 4 simple techniques.
  • Display Date on the Horizontal Axis – Easily display dates on the horizontal axis in Excel for accurate data representation.
  • Display Negative Time – Learn how to display negative time in Excel using two different options. Solve the issue of Excel not showing negative time values.
  • Display or Hide Zero Values – How to display or hide zero values in Excel using different methods. Format cells or use the IF function to customize your data presentation.
  • Displaying Zero for Empty Cells – Learn how to display zero for empty cells in Excel using formulas and VBA.
  • Display the Equation on a Chart – Learn how to display an equation on a chart in Excel to help with forecasting and predicting future data trends. Follow the simple steps outlined in this guide.

Worksheet Protection and Data Manipulation:


  • Change the Resolution of Excel – Easily change the resolution of images in Microsoft Excel to optimize file size and picture quality.
  • Resize Checkbox – Increase the size of checkboxes in Excel for better visibility and accessibility with different methods outlined in this article.
  • Prevent Excel From Changing a Number to a Date – Prevent Excel from automatically converting numbers to dates by using text formatting, apostrophes, or custom formats. Learn how to maintain the original number format in Excel.
  • Import the CSV File That Uses UTF-8 Encoding – Learn how to import a CSV file using UTF-8 encoding into Excel.
  • Privacy Warning Error – Fix privacy warning error in Excel spreadsheets by following these steps. Save your macro-enabled worksheets without any annoying messages.
  • Personal.xlsb File – Learn about Personal.xlsb file in Excel and how to manage macros in this personal macro workbook. Find out where to locate the file, how to add macros, and tips for hiding/unhiding the file.
  • Insert File Name in Footer – Learn how to easily insert the file name in the footer of an Excel spreadsheet. Manipulate the header and footer to customize your document.
  • Keep Header Visible – Easily keep the header visible in Excel to improve data analysis and financial modeling.
  • Create a Title – Discover how to easily create a title in Excel using different methods such as Header & Footer and Merge & Center.
  • Create Calendar – Create a calendar in Excel easily with the help of this guide, whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.
  • Calculate Percentages – Learn how to calculate percentages in Excel easily with these helpful tips and examples. Master formulas, precision, and formatting to work with percentages effectively in Excel.
  • Create a Formula in a Pivot Table – Create, view, edit, and delete formulas in Pivot Tables in Excel with this comprehensive guide.
  • Remove Gridlines – Easily remove gridlines in Excel to declutter your worksheet and make it easier to read and analyze your data.
  • Remove Table Formatting – Easily remove table formatting in Excel with simple steps and shortcuts. No need to be an expert – follow along to clean up your tables.
  • Create or Remove Hyperlinks – Easily add or remove hyperlinks in Excel without hassle. Explore different methods to create or remove hyperlinks in your spreadsheets.
  • Creating a Hyperlink to a Chart – Learn how to create a hyperlink to a chart in Excel to easily access and share your data visualizations. A step-by-step guide with helpful tips and tricks.
  • Use Excel Formulas in Word Documents – Enhance Word document functionality with Excel formulas for calculations and data manipulation. Explore two methods for integrating Excel formulas in Word.
  • Sum Absolute Value – Learn how to sum the absolute values of a dataset in Excel using various methods like SUMIF, SUMPRODUCT, and ABS functions.
  • Hyperlink Cannot Open Specified File – Fix common Excel hyperlink issues and learn how to troubleshoot the ‘Cannot open specified file’ error.
  • Invalid Data Source Error – Resolve the Invalid Data Source Error in Excel easily with these helpful tips. Explore the reasons behind this common error and how to fix it.