Add and Update Data in the Pivot Table

When you create a Pivot Table, Excel automatically chooses a data source for you or uses the source you selected.

When the data changes or new data is added to the source, you need to have a way to update your Pivot Table.

This is the table we are going to use in our example.

Add and update data in Pivot Table

The following process will illustrate how to add and then update data inside the Pivot Table.

  1. Create a Pivot Table.
  2. Inside Pivot Table fields, click Name and Age.
  3. Drag them to Rows.
  • Let’s add two new rows to the table. And change Donette Follers’ age from 27 to 26.
  • Click the Pivot Table.
  • Navigate to PivotTable Tools >> Analyze >> Data and click the Change Data Source button.
  • A new window, called Change PivotTable Data Source will appear, you can change the Table/Range value or select old and new data with the mouse cursor.
  • Click OK.

The new Pivot Table changed. Now, it has two new elements. Additionally, the corrected age value also changed.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.