Add Paragraph in Excel

You can add a paragraph in Excel in two ways. The first way is by adding it by hand, and the second one is by copying text from Word. In this lesson, I’ll show you both ways.

Add paragraph in Excel

  1. Click between two column letters and drag to the right to make a column wider.
  1. Click any cell inside the column and start typing. You can do it both in a cell or a formula bar. I prefer to do it inside the cell because the text is always visible.
  1. When you are at the end of the sentence, press Left Alt + Enter.
  2. Now, you can type the next line of text. After you finish this line, press Enter if this is the last line of text or press Left Alt + Enter again if you want to add another one.

Add paragraph in Excel from Word

Maybe instead of typing the whole text, you prefer to copy it from Word. You can do it, but you have to remember that if you click a cell and then choose Paste (Ctrl + V), by default, Excel copies paragraphs into different cells.

In order to copy a paragraph into the same cell, you have to double-click the cell to be in editing mode.

Now, if you paste text and hit Enter, you will have both lines in the same cell.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.