Create a Title in Excel

Just like in Word, Excel has several options to make the title. Of course, Excel is not meant to be representative of these types of reports as Word, but it does not mean it could not be done.


We are going to use a table with NBA players statistics for our example:

Make a Title With Header & Footer

One simple way in which you could make a title for your Excel spreadsheet is to use Header & Footer option.

All we have to do is go to our Insert tab in the ribbon and click on the Header & Footer in the Text subtab.

Once we click on it, our view will automatically change and we will have header and footer options:

Once we type in our header, we simply click anywhere in our sheet to continue editing our file.

As said, when clicking on the Header & Footer option, your view changes. You can change it back by going to View >> Workbook Views >> Normal.

Regardless of the view, if you have added a header or footer to your document, it will be printed out.

The header & Footer option also has tools that can be visible as soon as we choose to use this option:

These tools allow us to add page numbers, current date, time, or even pictures in our title.

Make a Title With Merge & Center

We can also use Merge & Center to create the title for our data. All we have to do is insert a new row that will be the first row (if we already have data in it) then type our title into the desired cell (in this case cell A1).

Once we do this, we select this cell and all of the other cells that will form our title, and we go to Home >> Alignment >> Merge & Center.

You will notice that our title is above the table and that it covers the range A1:E1, from the first till the last column of our table.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.