Delete Pivot Table in Excel

So far, you surely know how to create a Pivot table in Excel. But, when you want to delete these data, you can encounter some problems.

We will show how you can delete created Pivot table in the text below.

Delete Pivot Table From Newly Created Sheet

For our example, we will use the list of 20 ordered items from various regions:

Now, suppose that we created a Pivot table to find out the total amount of items that were ordered by region. 

We created this table in the newly created sheet. Since this Pivot table is created in a new sheet, we can easily delete the entire sheet to get rid of our table.

Delete Pivot Table From Existing Sheet

We can also create our Pivot table in any of the existing worksheets. All we have to do is select our data, go to Insert, then go to Pivot table, and then choose Existing Worksheet as an option where we want our data to be placed:

We will create the same data as we did in our first example.

We have to select our entire data at this point. We can do it by simply selecting the entire Pivot table with the pointer or by clicking anywhere on the Pivot table, going on Pivot Table Tools- Analyze, then on Select, and finally, click on Entire PivotTable

After this, we can simply click on the Delete button on our Keyboard.

Finally, if we do not have any data in our columns besides our Pivot table, we could simply delete our columns that contain the Pivot table as well.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.