Delete Rows With Specific Text

For this lesson, we are going to use the following example.

The data don’t have to be highlighted. I did it so we can see where are the rows containing the “delete” text.

Delete rows containing specific text

In order to remove rows containing the “delete” text.

  1. Click inside the table and press Ctrl + A to select all the cells in the table
  2. Open Find and Replace window by using the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut (or Home >> Editing >> Find & Select)
  1. Click Find All, and immediately after that Ctrl + A.
  2. Click Close to close the window.
  3. With the cells selected, press Ctrl + – to open the Delete
  1. Select Entire row and press OK. (To do it quicker, use the down arrow and press Enter)
  2. As you can see, all cells containing the word “delete” are removed.

Delete rows with the specific text

If you want to remove rows that any equals “delete” and not contain this word, you have to follow the same steps as you did before, but this time you should check the Match entire cell contents button.

After you complete the remaining steps, you will get the following result.

As you can see, now the rows that contain “delete” but are not equal to delete have been removed.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.