Print Excel Sheet on A4

Just as there are multiple ways to manipulate the data in Excel, we also have ways to manipulate the look of our data before printing, and to find the best way to present the data in hard copy.

We will show different ways to prepare the Excel file for printing on A4 format paper.

Use Page Setup

For our example, we will use the list of NBA players with their stats for points, rebounds, assists, and turnovers for one night:

To print this table to an A4 format we need to go to the Page Layout tab, then find the Page Setup, and click on the little triangle in the bottom right corner:

In the window that appears, we will go to the Page tab, go to the Fit to, and choose fit to one page. We will also select A4 as the paper size from the dropdown:

We can click OK, but we can also choose the Print Preview option to see what we would end up with:

Under the settings, we can see that the option for printing is in A4 format.

Use Size in Page Layout

Another way to achieve the same results is to go to the Page Layout tab, then go to Size under Page Setup and finally choose A4 format:

Use Print Preview

Print Preview is one of the most convenient options for printing sheets on A4. We will go to File >> Print and in the middle of the page we will see printing settings. We will choose A4 as an option:

Use Orientation

One more option to use is Orientation. Again, we go to the Page Layout tab, then we go to Page Setup >> Orientation >> Landscape:

When we go to the Print Preview option this time, we will notice that our table will be presented in a Landscape view and that the A4 format option is chosen automatically:

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.