Privacy Warning Error in Excel

When you try to save your macro-enabled worksheet sometimes you may experience the following error.

Privacy warning:  This document contains macros, ActiveX controls, XML expansion pack information, or Web components.  These may include personal information that cannot be removed from the Document Inspector

Assign a macro to a button

The first way you can deal with this problem is by applying a macro to a button.

Now, instead of using Excel save options you can click this button.

You can also assign a keyboard shortcut, but be aware that when you use Ctrl + S you will override the standard save, so you may consider a different one.

Trust center settings

In order to turn off this message permanently, go to FILE >> Options >> Trust Center and click the button Trust Center Settings.

In Privacy Options uncheck the following checkbox.

Now, you should be able to save your file without annoying error messages.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.