Remove Gridlines in Excel

After you open an Excel worksheet, the first things you see are column numbers and row numbers, with light grey lines. They are not printed by default, they are only present on a computer screen.

They are usually helpful, but sometimes, you may find that you don’t want them because you find them distracting.

Remove gridlines

You can easily remove them by navigating to View >> Show, and unchecking Gridlines.

Now, the gridlines from your worksheet disappeared, and it looks the same way as if it was printed.

Check Gridlines one more time, and they will appear inside the worksheet.

Remove gridlines permanently

If you don’t want gridlines at all, you can remove them permanently in Excel options.

Navigate to File >> Options >> Advanced. Under Display options for this worksheet, you can uncheck gridlines, or change gridlines color.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.