How to Zoom in Excel

In order to zoom in on Excel, follow these steps.

  1. Click the View
  2. Inside the Zoom, area click the Zoom
  3. Select the desired magnification level.
  4. Press OK.

There are a few other ways, you can zoom inside Excel.

Zoom with a keyboard shortcut

In order to zoom in on Excel, use the following keyboard keys, pressed one after another.

Left Alt >> W >> Q

It will open the Zoom Window.

Now, depending on what zoom level you want, you can press:

KeyZoom Level

Press Enter to apply changes.

Zoom using the Status Bar

In the bottom-right corner, you can press the (+) and (-) buttons, or use the Zoom Slider to Zoom in or out.

If you click the slider it will set the value corresponding to the slider position. (+) and (-) buttons will increase or decrease the percentage value by 10%.

On the very right side of the window, there is a zoom level indicator.

Press it to open the Zoom window.

Zoom using the Mouse Scroll Wheel

Every mouse for PC has a scroll-wheel. You are probably using it to scroll documents or websites.

But you can also use the mouse wheel to zoom the document. In order to do this, hold the Ctrl key and move your mouse wheel up and down.

It will zoom in and out by 10%.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.