Concatenate Numbers And Percentages in Excel

Manipulating cells and ranges in Excel can be done with many tools, and one of the most useful for joining the cells together is CONCATENATE.

In the example below, we will show how to use this formula to join the numbers and percentages together in one cell. Instead of the CONCATENATE formula itself, we can also use the “&” sign to connect the two cells.

Concatenate Numbers and Percentages

For the example that we will show, there is one thing to be clarified- we can either combine numbers and percentage signs, or we can combine one number with another number that will be in the form of a percentage.

The first case that we will show refers to the combination of a number and a percentage. We will insert a number in cell A2 and a percentage sign in cell B2:

Combining these two will be easy, as we can use the actual formula (“=CONCATENATE(A2,B2)”) or we can simply type in:

In cell C2. As a result, we will have these two combined, and will have a 100% written in:

This is a relatively simple formula that can be used if the number and percentage are separated.

We can, however, stumble upon a situation where we have a number, and then another number that will be presented as a percentage:

We would have difficulty using the same formula. If we just drag and drop the formula into the cell C2, we will end up with the following result:

As the 20% is basically 0.2 in numbers, these numbers are added up in the example above. To change this, and to show both the numbers 40 and 20% we need to tweak the formula.

To do this, we need to change the data type of our cell B3. We need to make the numbers 20% as a TEXT. The formula in cell C3 will be:

The end result will be:

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.