Convert Text to ASCII in Excel

In Excel, two functions are designed in a way to work with these types of codes: CHAR and CODE. If you want to find a character according to its ASCII number, you should probably use the CHAR function.

If you want to return the ASCII number for a certain character, you should probably use a CODE function.

Now, knowing all of this we will first make a list of numbers from 32 to 126.

To do this, we will use the following formula:

This formula will give us the range of numbers from 32 to 126, and it starts with the number 32.

It will look something like this in our Excel table:


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Now, we did say that the formula for converting these numbers into ASCII codes is CHAR, so we will input that formula in cell D2:

And drag it till the end of our range (in this particular case cell D96):


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Now we have ASCII codes for these numbers. Just to prove this works the other way around as well, we will put the following formula in cell E2:

This is what we end up with:


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Now let us say that we have a word written in cell A2: “HOME”.

To find the ASCII code for each letter of this word, we will use the VLOOKUP function, and we will concatenate the letters.

We will put a formula in cell B2 and it will go like this:

As you can notice, our formula searches for the value that we define (letters “H”, “O”, “M”, and “E”) by looking at columns D and E. We search for the value in column D and we then return the value that is located next to it in column E.

We also added “_” so that we could distinguish what are the values for every letter.

This is our result:

We can see that the corresponding number for the letter “H” in ASCII is number 72, 79 for „O“ and so on.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.