Convert yyyymmdd to Date in Excel

There are at least two ways to convert yyyymmdd to date – a formula and text to columns wizard.

or with only DATE and MID functions.

What you have to remember is that in order to use this function, you must have consistent data. This means that a year always consists of four digits, a month uses two, and days also use two.

Let’s look at how this formula works in the following example.

Formatting date

Now, you can select cells from B1 to B10, right-click, and choose format cells.

A new window will appear. Now, choose Date and select the type of formatting you want.

Text to column Wizard

Alternatively, you can use Text to Columns Wizard. This time it won’t be converted to date, but to year, month, and day in separate columns.

Select the data and choose the Text to Columns button. It is located in Data >> Data Tools >> Text to Columns.

Usually, when we use the Text to Columns wizard, we choose a delimiter, but this time we don’t have any. What we have is consistent data. That’s why we choose Fixed Width.

Set delimiters, to separate year, month, and day.

Click Next.

You can set the data format to each column and choose a destination, or leave it as it is. Click Finish to split the data.

Now the data is divided into three columns and the 0 that was at the beginning of a day and month is removed.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.