CONVERT function

The CONVERT function in Excel is used to convert a value from one measurement unit to another. It’s a handy tool for converting various types of units, such as length, volume, temperature, and more, directly in your Excel worksheet.


CONVERT(number, from_unit, to_unit)


numberThe value you want to convert.
from_unitThe current unit of measurement for the value.
to_unitThe unit of measurement to which you want to convert the value.

How to use

To use the CONVERT function, follow this simple syntax:

Here’s a practical example: let’s say you have a length in inches (from_unit) and you want to convert it to centimeters (to_unit). The formula would look like this:

This will convert the value in cell A1 from inches to centimeters.

Optional: If you have a measurement that might be optional (for example, if you don’t always have a “from_unit”), you can enclose it in square brackets and specify that it’s optional in the explanation.

Now, let’s see a few examples of how you can use the CONVERT function:

These examples demonstrate how you can convert different units using the CONVERT function.

Additional Information

If you encounter unfamiliar units or terms, you can refer to external resources or websites for definitions and explanations.

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