LARGE function

Excel LARGE Function is a useful tool that helps you find the nth largest value in a dataset. Whether you’re working with numbers, scores, or any other data, this function can come in handy for various analytical tasks. In simpler terms, it helps you identify the ‘nth biggest’ value in a list.


LARGE(array, k)


arrayThe range or array of values from which you want to find the nth largest value.
kThe position of the value you want to retrieve. It represents the rank of the largest value you’re looking for.

How to Use

Let’s explore how to use the Excel LARGE function with a few examples:

Example 1: Finding the Largest Value

Suppose you have a list of exam scores in cells A1 to A5, and you want to find the highest score. You can use the LARGE function like this:

In this example, the ‘array’ is the range A1:A5, and ‘k’ is 1 since you want to find the largest value. The function will return the highest score in the given range.

Example 2: Finding the Second Largest Value

If you want to find the second largest score from the same dataset, you would change the ‘k’ value to 2:

This time, the function will return the second-highest score in the range A1:A5.

Example 3: Finding the Third Largest Value

To find the third largest score, you’d use ‘k’ as 3:

The LARGE function is versatile and can be used with various ‘k’ values to find different rank positions in your dataset.

Additional Information

If you encounter unfamiliar terms or want to learn more about specific concepts in Excel, you can refer to Excel’s official documentation or other educational resources to deepen your understanding.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.