MINUTE function

The MINUTE Function returns the minutes of a given time in Excel.




serial_numberThe time from which you want to extract the minute.

How to use

The MINUTE function is used to extract the minute from a given time value. Here’s how you can use it:

Example 1: Extracting the minute from a specific time.

This formula will return 45, which is the minute portion of the time 12:45:30.

Example 2 (Optional): Using cell references.

If cell A2 contains a time value, this formula will return the minute portion of that time.

Example 3 (Optional): Extracting minutes from a datetime value.

This formula will return 30, which is the minute part of the datetime value “2023-11-03 14:30:00”.

Example 4 (Optional): Combining MINUTE with other functions.

This formula combines the MINUTE function with the TEXT function to format a time value in cell A2 and display it with the minute portion.

Example 5 (Optional): Handling date and time values together.

This formula creates a datetime value by combining the DATE and TIME functions and then extracts the minute part (30 minutes).

Remember that the MINUTE function only works with valid time values, and it will return an error if the input is not a recognized time format.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.