NOT function

The Excel NOT function is a logical function that helps you evaluate and negate the value of a given expression. It returns TRUE if the expression is FALSE, and FALSE if the expression is TRUE. In simpler terms, it flips the logical value of a statement. This can be quite useful when you need to check for the opposite condition of a specific logical test.




logicalThe value or expression you want to negate. It should be either TRUE or FALSE or any formula or comparison that results in a logical value.

How to use

The Excel NOT function is straightforward to use. You simply need to provide a logical value or expression as an argument. Here are some examples to illustrate its use:

This formula will return FALSE because it negates the logical value TRUE.

Conversely, this formula will return TRUE because it negates the logical value FALSE.

Here, the formula checks if 5 is greater than 10, which is FALSE</b. Applying NOT to it will return TRUE.

If cell A2 contains the text “Apple,” this formula will evaluate to FALSE</b. However, applying NOT will change it to TRUE.

Excel NOT function can be especially handy when used in combination with other logical functions or as part of more complex formulas to manipulate and analyze data effectively.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.