PI function

Excel PI Function returns the mathematical constant π (pi) with a value of approximately 3.14159265358979. Pi is a fundamental constant in mathematics and is commonly used in various mathematical and scientific calculations.




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How to Use

You can use the PI function in Excel to obtain the value of pi, which can be used in various mathematical calculations. Here are some examples of how to use the PI function:

Example 1: Basic Usage

This formula will return the value of pi, which is approximately 3.14159265358979.

Example 2: Calculate the Circumference of a Circle

In this formula, you can replace “radius” with the actual radius of a circle. It calculates the circumference of a circle, where 2 is multiplied by pi and then by the radius.

Example 3: Calculate the Area of a Circle

This formula calculates the area of a circle using pi and the square of the radius. Replace “radius” with the actual radius of the circle.

Additional Information

The PI function in Excel is a simple yet powerful tool for performing calculations involving the constant pi. It is commonly used in geometry, trigonometry, and other mathematical fields. Pi represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and has numerous applications in science, engineering, and everyday life.

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