RIGHT function

Excel RIGHT Function is a useful tool that helps you extract a specified number of characters from the right side of a text string. It can be especially handy when you need to work with data in a spreadsheet and want to isolate a portion of a cell’s content.


RIGHT(text, num_chars)


textThe text from which you want to extract characters.
num_charsThe number of characters to extract from the right side of the text.

How to Use

The RIGHT function is relatively straightforward to use. Let’s explore it with a couple of examples:

This formula will extract the rightmost 5 characters from the text “Hello, World,” resulting in “World”.

In this example, the formula extracts the rightmost 8 characters from the text “Excel Formulas,” giving you “Formulas”.

You can also use cell references in the function. For instance:

If cell A1 contains the text “OpenAI,” this formula will extract the rightmost 3 characters, resulting in “AI”.

The RIGHT function is particularly handy when you need to extract file extensions from file paths, clean up data by removing unnecessary prefixes or suffixes, or perform other text manipulation tasks.

Additional Information

If you encounter unfamiliar terms or concepts in Excel, you can refer to the official Microsoft Excel documentation for more information and guidance.

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