TEXT function

Excel TEXT Function allows you to format numbers, dates, and times into text in a way that suits your needs. It’s like giving your data a new outfit. You can make numbers appear as currency, dates in a specific format, or create custom text patterns. Let’s dive into how to use this function.


TEXT(value, format_text)


valueThe value you want to format into text.
format_textThe format you want to apply to the value. This can be a number format, date format, or a custom text pattern.

How to use

To use the TEXT function, follow this simple structure:

Here’s how you can use it with various examples:

Example 1: Format a Number as Currency

This formula formats the number 1234.567 as a currency with two decimal places, resulting in “$1,234.57.”

Example 2: Format a Date

This formula formats the date November 3, 2023, as “11/03/2023.”

Example 3: Create Custom Text

This formula creates custom text, making “The answer is: 42.”

Example 4: Format Time

This formula formats the time 2:30 PM as “02:30 PM.”

Remember, the value can be any number, date, or time, and the format_text determines how it’s displayed. Excel TEXT Function is a versatile tool to present your data the way you want.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.