Excel features

Excel has been the most popular spreadsheet for almost three decades, much longer than all of his predecessors put together. Below, you will find reasons why Excel is the leader among other spreadsheets.

A large number of features and tools to help you work with Excel

In each new Excel edition, Microsoft adds new features and sometimes makes some changes to the interface. In the current release (Excel 365) you get a powerful application in which you can adjust to many different settings.

Support of Microsoft

For three decades, Microsoft has been improving Excel and the whole Office Suite. There is no reason to think that Microsoft will abandon the software in the future. So what you will learn now will not be in vain.

Very large community

You can find on the Internet many different forums about Excel. Subscribe to them and ask a question if you have a problem that you can’t find in this course.

A large number of courses and tutorials

Whenever you have a problem with Excel, you can google it and you will probably find an answer to your question.

Integration with the Microsoft Access database

Both applications: Microsoft Excel and Access belong to the Office Suite. That means that there is an easy integration between them. For example, you can store your data in the Access database and display them in the Excel worksheet.

Advanced charting tool

The charting tool is one of the most powerful features of Excel. You can choose one of the many different chart types and control its every element. You can also format charts in many different ways, using handy tools like chart formatting shortcuts.

VBA language

If you need to use a function that Excel doesn’t provide, you can always use the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) language and create your own.

If you want to know other advantages of Excel, please follow the lessons of this course.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.