Split a cell in Google Sheets

To split a single cell inside Google Sheets, you can use the SPLIT function. It divides text by a separator given as an argument. Insert the formula into a cell and press Enter. The cell has been split into multiple columns.

In column A, there are text values. Each value is separated by a single space. If you enter a formula into cell B2, it takes a value of the first word and inserts the next word in the next column.

You can press Ctrl + ~ (tilde) to preview formulas.

You can get back to the standard view using the same shortcut again. With this method, the original column (Name) will stay in place. If you want to remove it, remember to copy values in the first and last names and paste them as values, otherwise, you are going to get the #VALUE! error.

Split cells with text to column tool

Another way to split cell into multiple cells is to use Split text to columns feature. First, select cells from A2 to A5. Next, choose Data >> Split text to columns.

If the chosen separator is correct, you should get the following result:

Fix headers. Now you have the data in two-column. They are saved as values and not as formulas.

Split merged cells

If you have a merged cell inside a worksheet, you can split it (unmerge) to the previous state.

Click the merged cell and navigate to Format >> Merge cells >> Unmerge.

Now cells are separate again.

Split cell workaround

Normally, you can’t split cells that weren’t merged before. But there is a workaround.

Select cells A2:A3 and merge them (Format >> Merge cells >> Merge all). Do the same for cells from C2:C3.

Cells B2 and B3 look like they were split into two cells.