Formula to Copy Cell Value to Another Cell in Excel

To copy one cell to another is very easy, you just have to make a reference to the cell you want to copy.

Copy cell value to another cell

For example, to copy cell A2 to C2, enter =A2 in C2.

Copy cell value from another sheet

You can also do it with the value that is present on another sheet.

Copy and paste the specific value to different cell

This VBA function will work in the following way.

The following function will check whether a cell contains text, numerical value, error, or formula.

The function checks a few conditions and if a condition is met it copies the cell, otherwise it places a blank cell.

The function has a few modifications. For example, under formulas, I added a condition, that it won’t display errors (which are also formulas).

You might also consider not copying the value in cell E4 because it’s formatted as text.

Enter the following formulas into cells:

C2: =CopyCell(A2,”formula”)

D2: =CopyCell(A2,”string”)

E2: =CopyCell(A2,”number”)

F2: =CopyCell(A2,”error”)

Press Ctrl + ~ to display formulas.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.