How to Get Cell Value in Excel

If you want to return cell address or cell value by specifying row and column, you can do it by using two functions: ADDRESS and INDIRECT.

ADDRESS function

This function returns the reference to a cell as a text, given specified row and column numbers. In this example, you can see that it takes the second row and the first column and returns $A$2, which is an absolute reference to this cell.

INDIRECT function

The INDIRECT function returns a reference specified by a text string. Take a look at the following formula.

It takes cell reference as a text and returns 12, which is the value we want.

You don’t have to do an absolute reference if you use this function, you can also use a relative reference.

Get cell value

By combining these two functions, you can get a cell value by providing row and column number.

The ADDRESS will return a reference as text, the INDIRECT will return a value under this text reference.