HYERLINK function

The HYPERLINK function in Excel is a useful tool for creating hyperlinks within your spreadsheet. It allows you to link to websites, other documents, specific cells or ranges within your workbook, and even send emails. This function is handy for creating interactive spreadsheets and navigating through your data efficiently.


=HYPERLINK(link_location, [friendly_name])


link_locationThe address you want to link to. It can be a web URL, a file path, a cell reference, or an email address. You must enclose it in double quotes if it’s a text value.
[friendly_name](Optional) The text or name you want to display for the hyperlink. If you don’t provide a friendly name, Excel will display the link_location as the text for the hyperlink.

How to use

The HYPERLINK function is quite straightforward. You can use it in various ways:

1. Create a hyperlink to a website:

Suppose you want to link to a website like Google. You can use the following formula:

This will create a clickable link with the text “Visit Google” that directs you to the Google website when clicked.

2. Link to a cell or range within the same workbook:

If you want to link to a different sheet or cell within the same Excel workbook, you can use cell references:

This formula will take you to cell A1 in Sheet2 and display “Go to Sheet2” as the link text.

3. Send an email:

To create an email hyperlink, use the following format:

Clicking on “Send Email” will open the default email client with the recipient’s address pre-filled.

4. Link to a file on your computer:

If you want to link to a file on your computer, use the file path as the link_location:

This will create a link to the specified file with “Open PDF” as the link text.

Remember that the HYPERLINK function can be a powerful tool for enhancing your Excel spreadsheets, making them more interactive and user-friendly.

Additional information

If you need further information or want to explore advanced hyperlink options, you can refer to Excel’s official documentation here.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.