How to Find the Cell Color in Excel VBA

Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) can be a very powerful tool to automate and enhance Excel functionalities. One useful way to use Excel VBA is by manipulating the cell attributes, like colors. Here, we’ll go into detail about how you can utilize Excel VBA to find the color of a particular cell. Whether you are checking for consistency in a report, or creating dynamic visuals, this simple process can be incredibly useful.

Retrieving Color Index

Let’s begin by writing a function that can return a cell’s background color. The Range.Interior property gives us access to the color of the cell. More specifically, the Range.Interior.ColorIndex property will return the index of the color which we can use later on.

Calling the Function

After we declare the function, we can use it in our worksheet just like any other function. By inputting the cell reference into the function, we can get the color index of the cell.

This code will return the color index of the cell A1. With the color index, you can identify cell color more accurately and automation processes could be implemented more easily.

Convert the Color Index to RGB

Excel uses a color palette with 56 colors by default. However, Excel can display colors beyond this palette using Red Green Blue (RGB) color combination. If you want to find the exact RGB color of a cell, you can use the Color property instead of the ColorIndex property. Here’s how you can do it:

Full Code

Below is the complete code that should be utilized to identify the color index, and the exact RGB color, of an Excel cell using VBA:


Excel VBA is a very handy tool for performing routine Excel tasks. By using the methods outlined in this article, you can easily find the color or color index of any cell in Excel. These custom-built VBA functions give users the power to automate yet another aspect of their work within Excel – checking, manipulating, and interacting with cell colors.

This can be extremely useful in numerous situations, whether it involves data analysis, reporting, or even creating dynamic visuals for presentations.

Tomasz Decker is an Excel specialist, skilled in data analysis and financial modeling.

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