Add a New Line in Cell Formula in Excel

If you want to add a line break inside the formula, you have to add the break line character to a formula.

We are going to merge these three columns with some text and insert this into a single column. Next, we add a page break in order to make them more readable.

Copy the following example.

First NameLast NameLocation
JohnDoeNew York

Add a new line to a cell formula

  1. Create a new column and name it Formula.
  2. Inside D2, enter the following formula:
  1. Autofill cells D3 and D4. All cells are written into a single line, even if you stretch the row.
  1. Select all cells in column D and Click Home >> Alignment >> Wrap Text.
  2. The last thing you have to do, it to add break line character CHAR(10) for Windows or CHAR(13) for Mac into your formula.
  1. Now, the text is separated by the CHAR(10) character and entered into multiple lines.

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